Venice Skatepark

California Roadtrip Photo Overload!

Hello everybody! I know its been a little bit so I wanted to update everybody on the Third Kind™ California roadtrip, and share lots of pictures from along the way. So the quick update is this: we left Jacksonville on 4/20/16 for California. We stopped in several spots along the way and picked up two shops outside of California while traveling. After a brief stay in Tucson for a little bit we hit the road for San Diego. This was yet another LONG stretch through tons of mountains but clear California night skies!

We made it into San Diego early in May then spent just about 2 weeks in the area and racked up two new shops, Soul Grind and Clairemont Surf, along with making several new friends and checking out the Mighty Mama’s skate event. Soon we found ourselves up in L.A hanging out at the grand opening of our first L.A vendor, The Shop, and running around the greater Los Angeles area visiting a ton of shops, skating piers and boardwalks along the way in cities like Huntington Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, and even Hollywood Boulevard itself! This trip lead to a short stint on a Dudesons vlog yewww! We picked up another L.A area shop in Torrance at Project Sk8shop, metsome cool folks at Arbor (I had to buy a board while in California…skateboarders impulse) and had a very sweet business meeting with an awesome group in Venice before another quick stint back in San Diego.

This time around San Diego we brought RADD Action Sports (Mission Beach area) and Ollie Angel Skate Shop (Imperial Beach area) on board as new vendors. Back to L.A where we grabbed Cherry Smoke & Skate in Long Beach as a new vendor. Meanwhile back in Torrance got to meet Lance Mountain and Rodney Mullen (AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!) at a very cool museum event. From here it was mostly work work work, our visit to Sunken City after hanging out at San Pedro Shred Fest, bringing Urban Feet in San Pedro on board as an awesome new vendor, and spending some time in Venice Beach at Maui and Sons, our original California vendor, shooting a couple videos for a future website update.

Now we are nearly caught up on the California story, and we have been back in San Diego for a couple weeks. So far we’ve had an amazing Go Skateboarding Day up at Sector 9 skating and hanging with some very cool skaters, had more AWESOME business meetings, and got to witness some amazing skateboarding and help a great cause at Clash at Clairemont which was presented by Grind For Life, who we hope to work with in the very near future!. This awesome event featured some sick vert skating, a killer street jam and a pool jam. But the big daddy was SKATERCROSS which was the first event of its kind. WHEW! So thats where we are at right now, as I post this from the library at the beautiful San Diego State University. I’ll post up some GSD 2016 pictures here but hope to get a blog up about Clash at Clairemont soon too. Until then I hope you enjoy the picture overload, our internet is sporadic in California so I dont get to update too often!


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mighty mama skate o rama

Mighty Mama Skate-O-Rama 2016

Mom. Mommy. Mama. Momma Skater? Yes, the combination seems normal when you take it figuratively, “skate mom”, but when taken literally…well you may be surprised. This Mothers Day we had the honor to attend a fun event in Laguna Niguel California called Mighty Mama Skate-O-Rama. The annual event is a charity event hosted by the group Skateboard Moms & Sisters of Shred. Every year a charity is designated to receive all proceeds from the event, with the OC Human Trafficking Task Force being this years recipient.

We had no idea what to expect when we arrived and were stoked to see a clean nicely designed concrete skatepark with room to play. The atmosphere was super friendly and inviting, full of motivation. We saw and met skaters of all skill levels, many of whom had started skating again in recent years. Several skaters were from outside the California area, with a couple from outside the U.S! The theme was superheroes and boy did we see some flying through the park! The raffle had a bunch of sick prizes including several signed skate decks from Tony Hawk and Jay Smith, complete setups from Gravity and Madrid, and tons of other fun skate shwag. We both made sure to get our fair share of skating in, while remembering “ladies first” of course, and also our fair share of bruises (I should probably be icing down while I type this) and of course memories.

While we didn’t get a chance to skate with and talk with everyone, we made some cool new friends at the park. We shared the quest for big air out of the 1/4 pipe with our new friends Kendra, and sibling duo Casey and Tabitha. Chad found a motivated young future rep in their little brother Richard who was STOKED on the lights. I had the pleasure of being defeated in an epic match of rock, paper, scissors by Tabitha for her very own Third Kind™ skate light! And yes, their mom AND older sister were out there shredding along with us too! Before we knew it, several hours of fun skating had passed, all the prizes were handed out, and we were a good kind of tired.

The Mighty Mama Skate-O-Rama was a fun time and we highly recommend checking out next years event, and any ladies who skate, whose kids skate, or want to get back into skating to check out the Skateboard Moms & Sisters of Shred. I know I had a blast and enjoyed the group, even if I got a bit banged up (it was worth it!) in the process. We will for sure attend any events with this rad group of ladies we can in the future and were proud to be a part of the 2016 Mighty Mama Skate-O-Rama. Oh and one final note. If your mama took you skating and hustled you park to park as a youngin, take her to the park with you sometime and share the stoke with her. She will always be your biggest fan.


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Dodge Ram

Third Kind heads out west…and Beyond!


Well. We did it. We packed up our stuff loaded it in an RV and Chad’s Ram Truck and we hit the road full steam ahead to California. The mecca, the homeland, the big dog of the skateboarding world. Third Kind ™ is officially on the road to do what we do best: light up your life! We’ve found some really cool shops along the way in cities like Pensacola, Mobile, Gulfport, Baton Rouge, Houston, San Antonio, Tucson and the Phoenix area (that place is HUGE!) I’m going to try and keep this blog up to date as best I can to try and give you all an update on our travels and some of our insights along the way.

Our most wild stops so far have to be Houston and El Paso. Texas, where everything is bigger. Trust me that state is HUGE. Houston is a city on the rise and so is the skate scene. Both core street skating and downhill/freeride have a huge following. We met a dope crew at Carve (shoutout to the crew!) and ended up going to a parking garage race they hosted with them. That is some fast racing and surprisingly loud when you have a pack of skaters rolling full tilt. San Antonio was just a quick stop for now but we got setup with Ehren and his badass shop Insanity Boardshop! El Paso was our first big taste of the desert life, a huge frickin dust storm rolled through and you couldnt see a thing! Arizona was a rad stop and allowed us to get our heads back on straight after some looong sections of highway travel.  It also gave us a chance to get a few things done and visit some cool shops in Tucson and the Phoenix area, especially by the University of Arizona and Arizona State University campuses. We didn’t get a chance to stop at any shops in New Mexico, only for gas & dinner but we do plan to hit up the ABQ when we can! We made the long haul from Tucson to San Diego and let me say the reception in So Cal has been AWESOME! We’ve had the chance to meet with several rad shops and so far have picked up Soulgrind in Mission Beach and Clairemont Surfshop as new vendors. We are super excited to bring Third Kind ™ to the west coast, especially the skaters of California, and share the stoke with the skate scene! Stay tuned for more of our roadtrip adventures!

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light up your longboard

NEW Third Kind™ skateboard lights at Surf Expo

We will be releasing our brand new, very much improved skateboard lights at Surf Expo September 10-12! Third Kind™ has never been so stoked for Surf Expo! Come see our latest in technology and innovation with Third Kind™ skateboard lights at Surf Expo booth 822 in the skate section.

Thanks to all of our original Third Kind™ customers for providing their feedback about what was great and what was not so great. We used all of that feedback along with our own testing to create our new lights for your skateboard or longboard. More than just an awesome and improved product our new skateboard lights will come with brand new packaging and a POP display that will brighten any shop counter. Visit us at booth 822 and start building the buzz for the holidays with Third Kind™ skateboard lights.

Our skateboard light kit is a fantastic product to add to any skateboard or longboard. With just one UPC you don’t have to worry about stocking multiple sizes or colors! One size fits any longboard or shortboard because the lights can be cut down to fit any deck. The 7 colors are also included with every skateboard light so that the rider can easily customize and change the look of their board with the touch of a button. Our new skateboard lights also utilize USB recharging so there is no hassle to change out expensive batteries. They are a great add on to a new skateboard or longboard purchase or to a use board to get an old customer back in your store. So what is the number one reason to add Third Kind™ skateboard lights to you shop? THEY SELL THEM SELVES! Our lights attract skaters just like bugs to a bug zapper. Simply put one on display and watch them leave your skate shop.

Get your new Third Kind™ skateboard lights at Surf Expo booth 822.

third kind skateboard lights longboard light kit

NEW Third Kind includes our patented skater designed battery, 20″ LED that can be cut down for smaller decks and the micro USB recharge cable

Third Kind POP display

new POP display

third kind skateboard lights longboard lights

NEW and very improved Third Kind package

sunset, skateboard, longboard, nose manual, concrete wave, balin hewitt

Rider Spencer Steelman nose manuals into the sunset

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Light up your Skateboard with Third Kind

Outside ISPO 2015Lights, they are everywhere, so why not put them on your skateboard too! Previously it was time consuming and difficult to light up your skateboard. Besides, you would much rather be skateboarding than tinkering in your garage, right?! Yeah us too. So what we did is create and patent a kit to easily light up your skateboard without altering your skateboard in any way.

Third Kind™ skateboard lights were in invented by a skateboarder in Florida. In Florida much of the year is super hot and brutal to skate in, so we liked to skate at night when it is much cooler. Skating at night brought its own challenges though. Cars and them not seeing us was the biggest issue. It was always a little scary anytime a car was down the road from you or at an intersection in front of you. The question of “does this guy see me” was the primary concern; and the answer is typically, “no”. We wanted to be seen. What better way to be seen than to light up your skateboard! That proved to very difficult, as skaters we are amazingly good and destroying things. Our skateboards undergo a lot of punishment from airs, to clearing big gaps and stair sets, to rail slides and bomb drops. We had to design a kit to light up your skateboard that was small, lightweight and shred proof. That is exactly what we did!

Third Kind™ skate board lights are 100% created, owned and operated by skateboarders. Our skateboard lights feature military ruggedization, extreme water-resistance and micro USB recharging. There is no better way to light up your skateboard than with Third Kind™. We did all the hard work for you! So instead of messing with a soldering guns and power tools that should never be around a skateboard, do the responsible thing and light up your skateboard with Third Kind™. In just about 2 minutes you can be all hooked up and shredding the night in safety while also having the coolest looking spaceship skateboard ever!

Our newest model now features 7 changeable colors and a strobe affect. Get yours exclusively on our Kickstarter campaign.

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Guajataca Downhill 2015 Third Kind beyond

Sandra and Third Kind Chad John and Tito El Pajaro Javier and Third Kind Slide Jam good seatsThe Guajataca Downhill 2015 was no exception from awesome!!! This is my favorite event every year. Pack up the boards and baggies, ditch the cold January weather and take the quick puddle jump flight to the amazingly beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Once on the island make your way to one of the raddest skate towns on the planet, Quebradillas. These locals eat, sleep and breathe surfing and skateboarding. When it comes to downhill skateboarding they are clinical with their speed and precision. Again I was privileged and humbled to be apart of such an amazing event in the skateboarding community. Special thanks to Hector Valle “El Pajaro” and the Pirata Surf Club for creating another unforgettable event.

This year’s Guajataca Downhill was extra special for a number of reasons. The first being the addition to the Quebradillas skatepark contest. Situated amongst swaying palms over looking sapphire blue water; the Quebradillas skatepark is one of the greatest concrete parks you will ever come across. Complete with street sections and massive bowl sections this was the most anticipated event of the week and it did not disappoint. Shredders came from all over the world to escape lesser weather and enjoy all of the stoke Guajataca Downhill 2015 had to offer.

Another bonus this year was the celebration of Paul AKA Snake AKA PopLo 63rd birthday. Thanks to friendly locals like Cesy of Cesy Burger we made sure to party through the entire week. I have never felt more welcomed by anyone as I do from the boricuas desde Quebradillas.

Third Kind is so humbled and privileged to be a part of something this spectacular. The Guajataca Downhill 2015 was our second year sponsoring the event. Many stoked skaters won new boards and sick skateboard lights from Third Kind. We love giving back and we love giving back to nothing more than we do the Guajataca Downhill. It was awesome to meet new friends like Chris from Ionic Flux Lubricants and the guys from Hi5ber skateboards and Sector 9‘s Downhill Division.

Special shoutout to Third Kind’s downhill team to include Alexis “Troll” Rosa, Jorge Delgado and Giancarlo Perez. Watch all the Guajataca Downhill 2015 action HERE!!!

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