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NEW Third Kind™ skateboard lights at Surf Expo

We will be releasing our brand new, very much improved skateboard lights at Surf Expo September 10-12! Third Kind™ has never been so stoked for Surf Expo! Come see our latest in technology and innovation with Third Kind™ skateboard lights at Surf Expo booth 822 in the skate section.

Thanks to all of our original Third Kind™ customers for providing their feedback about what was great and what was not so great. We used all of that feedback along with our own testing to create our new lights for your skateboard or longboard. More than just an awesome and improved product our new skateboard lights will come with brand new packaging and a POP display that will brighten any shop counter. Visit us at booth 822 and start building the buzz for the holidays with Third Kind™ skateboard lights.

Our skateboard light kit is a fantastic product to add to any skateboard or longboard. With just one UPC you don’t have to worry about stocking multiple sizes or colors! One size fits any longboard or shortboard because the lights can be cut down to fit any deck. The 7 colors are also included with every skateboard light so that the rider can easily customize and change the look of their board with the touch of a button. Our new skateboard lights also utilize USB recharging so there is no hassle to change out expensive batteries. They are a great add on to a new skateboard or longboard purchase or to a use board to get an old customer back in your store. So what is the number one reason to add Third Kind™ skateboard lights to you shop? THEY SELL THEM SELVES! Our lights attract skaters just like bugs to a bug zapper. Simply put one on display and watch them leave your skate shop.

Get your new Third Kind™ skateboard lights at Surf Expo booth 822.

third kind skateboard lights longboard light kit

NEW Third Kind includes our patented skater designed battery, 20″ LED that can be cut down for smaller decks and the micro USB recharge cable

Third Kind POP display

new POP display

third kind skateboard lights longboard lights

NEW and very improved Third Kind package

sunset, skateboard, longboard, nose manual, concrete wave, balin hewitt

Rider Spencer Steelman nose manuals into the sunset

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Support Third Kind on Kickstarter

Click HERE to see our Kickstarter project and to learn more about locally owned Third Kind skateboard lights.

For 2.5 years now we have been developing and testing multiple ways to light up a skateboard. Our beta skateboard light was good, we learned a lot and made some excellent upgrades to our patented LED skateboard kit. Now we are ready to take our lights for your skateboard to the next level by launching a Kickstarter campaign. We will be launching the campaign FRIDAY. MAY 1 ST at 1 pm EST Jump on our Kickstarter early because we are offering crazy rewards, but in limited quantities. Also our skateboard lights will be available on Kickstarter before anywhere else.

I want to thank everyone for the amazing support to get us this far. We have created and patented a skateboard light kit that easily mounts to any skateboard. Our newest model to light up your skateboard features military grade ruggedization, extreme water-resistance and micro USB recharging. We have come along way to getting our Third Kind™ skateboard lights where we want them. We have spent a lot of time designing and testing and now we are ready to launch our newest model to light up every skateboard exclusively on Kickstarter. Our product is completely designed, owned and operated by skateboarders and we intend on keeping it that way. We need your help and support to take us to the next level so that we can remain skater owned. Otherwise we will have to bring in non-skater kooks to support us financially… and we don’t want that. Your support does not come without reward. We are offering all kinds of awesome and exclusive Third Kind™ rewards to include shirts, hats, stickers, tanks, custom skateboards, limited edition models, first dibs on our newest light kit and even trips to Puerto Rico for the Guajataca Downhill next year!

Don’t wait to help and donate. For the first donors we have crazy, but very limited deals on our skateboard lights. We will be offering the very first 10 units at below manufacturing cost.

                                                                                 KICKSTARTER LAUNCH —  FRIDAY  —  MAY 1 ST



Jax Beach Skate Night with Third Kind

Jax Beach Skate Night with Third Kind

Showing off our new skateboard lights at Surf Expo

Showing off our new skateboard lights at Surf Expo

showing off our new skateboard lights with Volcom Surfer Kayla Durden

showing off our new skateboard lights with Volcom Surfer Kayla Durden

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Light up your Skateboard with Third Kind

Outside ISPO 2015Lights, they are everywhere, so why not put them on your skateboard too! Previously it was time consuming and difficult to light up your skateboard. Besides, you would much rather be skateboarding than tinkering in your garage, right?! Yeah us too. So what we did is create and patent a kit to easily light up your skateboard without altering your skateboard in any way.

Third Kind™ skateboard lights were in invented by a skateboarder in Florida. In Florida much of the year is super hot and brutal to skate in, so we liked to skate at night when it is much cooler. Skating at night brought its own challenges though. Cars and them not seeing us was the biggest issue. It was always a little scary anytime a car was down the road from you or at an intersection in front of you. The question of “does this guy see me” was the primary concern; and the answer is typically, “no”. We wanted to be seen. What better way to be seen than to light up your skateboard! That proved to very difficult, as skaters we are amazingly good and destroying things. Our skateboards undergo a lot of punishment from airs, to clearing big gaps and stair sets, to rail slides and bomb drops. We had to design a kit to light up your skateboard that was small, lightweight and shred proof. That is exactly what we did!

Third Kind™ skate board lights are 100% created, owned and operated by skateboarders. Our skateboard lights feature military ruggedization, extreme water-resistance and micro USB recharging. There is no better way to light up your skateboard than with Third Kind™. We did all the hard work for you! So instead of messing with a soldering guns and power tools that should never be around a skateboard, do the responsible thing and light up your skateboard with Third Kind™. In just about 2 minutes you can be all hooked up and shredding the night in safety while also having the coolest looking spaceship skateboard ever!

Our newest model now features 7 changeable colors and a strobe affect. Get yours exclusively on our Kickstarter campaign.

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