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California Roadtrip Photo Overload!

Hello everybody! I know its been a little bit so I wanted to update everybody on the Third Kind™ California roadtrip, and share lots of pictures from along the way. So the quick update is this: we left Jacksonville on 4/20/16 for California. We stopped in several spots along the way and picked up two shops outside of California while traveling. After a brief stay in Tucson for a little bit we hit the road for San Diego. This was yet another LONG stretch through tons of mountains but clear California night skies!

We made it into San Diego early in May then spent just about 2 weeks in the area and racked up two new shops, Soul Grind and Clairemont Surf, along with making several new friends and checking out the Mighty Mama’s skate event. Soon we found ourselves up in L.A hanging out at the grand opening of our first L.A vendor, The Shop, and running around the greater Los Angeles area visiting a ton of shops, skating piers and boardwalks along the way in cities like Huntington Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, and even Hollywood Boulevard itself! This trip lead to a short stint on a Dudesons vlog yewww! We picked up another L.A area shop in Torrance at Project Sk8shop, metsome cool folks at Arbor (I had to buy a board while in California…skateboarders impulse) and had a very sweet business meeting with an awesome group in Venice before another quick stint back in San Diego.

This time around San Diego we brought RADD Action Sports (Mission Beach area) and Ollie Angel Skate Shop (Imperial Beach area) on board as new vendors. Back to L.A where we grabbed Cherry Smoke & Skate in Long Beach as a new vendor. Meanwhile back in Torrance got to meet Lance Mountain and Rodney Mullen (AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!) at a very cool museum event. From here it was mostly work work work, our visit to Sunken City after hanging out at San Pedro Shred Fest, bringing Urban Feet in San Pedro on board as an awesome new vendor, and spending some time in Venice Beach at Maui and Sons, our original California vendor, shooting a couple videos for a future website update.

Now we are nearly caught up on the California story, and we have been back in San Diego for a couple weeks. So far we’ve had an amazing Go Skateboarding Day up at Sector 9 skating and hanging with some very cool skaters, had more AWESOME business meetings, and got to witness some amazing skateboarding and help a great cause at Clash at Clairemont which was presented by Grind For Life, who we hope to work with in the very near future!. This awesome event featured some sick vert skating, a killer street jam and a pool jam. But the big daddy was SKATERCROSS which was the first event of its kind. WHEW! So thats where we are at right now, as I post this from the library at the beautiful San Diego State University. I’ll post up some GSD 2016 pictures here but hope to get a blog up about Clash at Clairemont soon too. Until then I hope you enjoy the picture overload, our internet is sporadic in California so I dont get to update too often!


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Adventures hiking through the Sunken City!

The big thing we always heard about California is the often repeated “it’s going to fall into the ocean someday!” from just about everybody. Well, unknown to many (myself included), one spot in California is well known for doing just that. That spot is Sunken City.  The location is on the southern point of San Pedro, home to the San Pedro Shred Fest we attended recently. Literally a whole cliffside housing developement collapsed into the sea. Heres a quick history on it from the official Wikipedia page;

“Sunken City” is the name of a beach along the San Pedro cliffs that holds the remains of a natural landslide that occurred in 1929. The development of homes and exclusive bungalows was established in the 1920s by a man named George Peck to attract people who wanted to live with a beautiful cliffside view of the Pacific ocean (6). The land around the surrounding area called Point Fermin started to move in 1929, and continuously moved little by little until the slide that made Sunken City (6). The landslide occurred at the southern tip of San Pedro where a piece of land nearly 40,000 square feet in size started sliding away from the cliffs and into the ocean (1). Experts investigating the landslide said that the ground was shifting at a rate of 11 inches per day (1). On January 2, 1929, a waterline broke underneath the Ocean View Inn hotel on Paseo Del Mar, and a few days later a gas line broke under the same building (6). These were the first reports of damage as the landslide began to creep up on the neighborhood of Paseo Del Mar (6). Most of the houses on the 600 block of Paseo Del Mar were evacuated and relocated before the collapse (1). Most of the bungalows were moved, but there was not enough time to move two houses which slid into the ocean (5). Part of the adjoining Point Fermin Park also fell into the ocean (3). The slide displaced 10.5 acres of land filled with houses and other buildings, streets, and sidewalks.” – Wikipedia

What you actually encounter there is one of the coolest naturally occuring hang out and hiking spots I have ever seen! There are whole sections of broken road, foundations of houses, old sewer pipes, and more scattered amongst the ruins. Obviously human curiosity has led to the spot being super popular to hang out and camp, drink with friends (safely we hope), and most popular would be graffiti and mural artwork. The area has also been featured in numerous film and television works, including part of Daewon Song’s X-Games Real Street footage We found other groups mostly out there just hanging out and enjoying the killer views. You have a great view of Catalina Island along with the Port of Los Angeles, and on a clear day you should be able to spot Long Beach! We’re definitely going to come back through Sunken City and maybe bringing a skateboard or two (we found a couple cool spots) and do some more pictures and video. We do warn you, it is illegal to trespass on the location (just not as strongly enforced) and it is not the safest spot to wildly run around. There is alot of loose dirt and rocks, several drop offs and sketchy spots that will drop your ass down onto the rocks below. Wear solid shoes and dont go alone and please, just like with skateboarding, do not attempt anything outside of your comfort zone or skill level. Until then, enjoy some of the pictures we took on our little adventure through the community the Pacific Ocean and Mother Earth took back.

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