Guajataca Downhill 2014 Puerto Rico

Third Kind is sponsoring the Guajataca Downhill 2014! The Guajataca Downhill is an internationally recognized downhill skateboarding championship and festival located in Quebradillas, Puerto Rico. This downhill championship event spotlights the best downhill racers from around the world. The Guajataca Downhill 2014  features contests in downhill racing, slalom racing and slide competitions. The event also features the Guajataka DH Music Fest, which is three nights of live music and entertainment!

This year’s Guajataca Downhill championship and festival will be held from Friday, January 24 through Sunday, January 26.

Third Kind is stoked to be involved as a sponsor in such an amazing event. Oh, and being in Puerto Rico isn’t too bad either.

We have a booth set-up for the race and we will be selling product, come by and see us in sunny Puerto Rico. We will also be demonstrating our Third Kind skateboard lights at the Music Festival each night.

…and then

Wow!!! What an amazing eye-opening, fire-stoking event! The Guajataca Downhill 2014 was my first exposure to the world of downhill skateboarding and it was spectacular. Everything from the venue, to the people to the landscape was absolutely breathtaking . Puerto Rico is a gorgeous island of beautiful hills, immense jungles and unbelievable coastline with gorgeous sand and crystal waters, making it a perfect venue for such a spectacular event. The Guajataca did not disappoint! The Guajataca was filled with entertainment, great people, tons of race action and of course intense crashes. This year was a great year for the race, racers and spectators due to the increased safety measures and overall improvement of the entire event loaded with music and partying.

Third Kind had just as great a time meeting a tons of amazing people from all over and we especially want to thank John and Steve of the House of the Doggz for their hospitality, cool vibes and great place. If you are going down to Puerto Rico check them out! House of Doggz is right on da beach boooiiii with world class sun and surf. We also want to shout out to all you wild ass Canucks, it was great meeting and partying with all of you and we look forward to coming up and shredding your hills. Save some runs for us, eh.

Please also help us in welcoming our newest team rider and first downhiller, Alexis Rosa “Troll”. We are stoked to have a wonderful and fearless skater, but more so we feel like we have met and befriended a wonderful person. In just the short time I got to spend with Lexi I could see how large his heart was by the love he showed for everyone, but even more so from the love reciprocated toward him. Check him out at Ponce, he’ll be the one on the top of the podium!

Thank you to the Pirata Surf Club, El Nuevo Dia, Medalla Light, Puerto Rico, the town of Quebradillas and “El Pajaro” Hector Valle and the rest of the volunteer staff for putting on such an amazing event. I cannot say enough about you and the event, it has changed my entire outlook and skateboarding. Look for me on the starting line of next year’s Guajataca Downhill race.

Please Like our facebook page and follow our Instagram to check out some of the amazing footage we took. More footage is to come too.




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