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NEW Third Kind™ skateboard lights at Surf Expo

We will be releasing our brand new, very much improved skateboard lights at Surf Expo September 10-12! Third Kind™ has never been so stoked for Surf Expo! Come see our latest in technology and innovation with Third Kind™ skateboard lights at Surf Expo booth 822 in the skate section.

Thanks to all of our original Third Kind™ customers for providing their feedback about what was great and what was not so great. We used all of that feedback along with our own testing to create our new lights for your skateboard or longboard. More than just an awesome and improved product our new skateboard lights will come with brand new packaging and a POP display that will brighten any shop counter. Visit us at booth 822 and start building the buzz for the holidays with Third Kind™ skateboard lights.

Our skateboard light kit is a fantastic product to add to any skateboard or longboard. With just one UPC you don’t have to worry about stocking multiple sizes or colors! One size fits any longboard or shortboard because the lights can be cut down to fit any deck. The 7 colors are also included with every skateboard light so that the rider can easily customize and change the look of their board with the touch of a button. Our new skateboard lights also utilize USB recharging so there is no hassle to change out expensive batteries. They are a great add on to a new skateboard or longboard purchase or to a use board to get an old customer back in your store. So what is the number one reason to add Third Kind™ skateboard lights to you shop? THEY SELL THEM SELVES! Our lights attract skaters just like bugs to a bug zapper. Simply put one on display and watch them leave your skate shop.

Get your new Third Kind™ skateboard lights at Surf Expo booth 822.

third kind skateboard lights longboard light kit

NEW Third Kind includes our patented skater designed battery, 20″ LED that can be cut down for smaller decks and the micro USB recharge cable

Third Kind POP display

new POP display

third kind skateboard lights longboard lights

NEW and very improved Third Kind package

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Rider Spencer Steelman nose manuals into the sunset

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